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Acerca de Melissa S. Lewkowicz

Ira Chester and Melissa Lewkowicz are Los Angeles-based criminal defense attorneys dedicated to providing zealous and aggressive representation for clients located throughout Southern California. Chester & Lewkowicz’s legal practice focuses on defending individuals accused of, or charged with criminal offenses or those people being investigated by law enforcement.

When you hire Ira Chester and Melissa Lewkowicz to handle a criminal case you can be sure that they will make every effort to help you or your loved one avoid a criminal conviction, reduce jail time, and even stay out of custody altogether.

Chester and Lewkowicz have an exceptional record assisting their clients who have been charged with a vast array of criminal offenses, including DUI’s, Sex Crimes, Drug Crimes, Medical Marijuana, Gang Related Offenses, White Collar Crimes, Violent Crimes, Federal Offenses, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Crimes, Three Strikes, Theft Crimes, Property Crimes, Internet Crimes, and Hit & Run. The Law Offices of Chester & Lewkowicz can also assist clients with Probation Violations, Warrants as well as Expungements of old criminal convictions.

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