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Acerca de Brian Chase

"I specifically went to law school to become a personal injury trial attorney. It is what I love, what I do, and what I am. If you hire Bisnar | Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, LLP you get my personal attention, desire, drive and enthusiasm to obtain the best outcome that I can get for you." - Brian Chase

What I love most about being a Personal Injury Attorney:

Helping injured people attain justice from big corporations when they manufacture dangerous products that cause injuries due to placing profit over safety.

Helping accident victims collect what they are due from insurance companies that believe they are solely in business to collect premiums, as opposed to the business of paying valid claims, as their contracts of insurance and the law require.

The intellectual challenge of litigation, and beating the other side at their own game. There is no professional thrill like it.

What I consider my most important accomplishment professionally was obtaining over a Million dollars for the most amazing 95 year old woman I have ever met, whose life was ruined due to the negligence of another, after the insurance company stated *in writing* that her claim was a "sham."

Top 50 Orange County Lawyers by Southern California SuperLawyers
One of Orange County's Top Lawyers by OC METRO.
Top 100 Trial Lawyers by The American Trial Lawyers Association
Brian Chase Named One of OCTLA's Top Guns - Product Liability Trial Lawyer of the Year, 2004

OCTLA's (Orange County Trial Lawyers Association) "The Gavel" writes:

Brian D. Chase is a partner in Bisnar | Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, LLP in Newport Beach. The firm has a national practice and specializes in automobile product liability and catastrophic injury cases. He has tried over twenty jury trials and, in the last couple of years, has entered into numerous seven- and eight-figure settlements with various automobile manufacturers. Mr. Chase was involved in two published appellate opinions: Schreiber v. Estate of Kiser (a California Supreme Court case dealing with expert witness designations) and Hernandez v. State of California (an appellate case from the Second Appellate District dealing with governmental design immunity). Within the last year, he settled during trial two major cases against Ford Motor Company involving wrongful deaths and catastrophic brain injuries for significant confidential sums. Mr. Chase is the Second Vice President of Orange County Trial Lawyers, serves on the Board of Governors for CAOC, and is a nationwide lecturer on litigation-related topics. Mr. Chase lives with his two daughters.

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